I started iOS development since iPhone 5 released (and macOS developer since 2009), Objective-C and Swift are my language to making perfect native apps, to do that programming skills can't be enough and here come my passion to algorithm design, time optimization and sometimes artificial intelligence.

We all know how much interesting is IOT these days, for me - a High-Level programmer - making small and little programs not cool! I need to do still High-Level thing in Low-Level programming so these little tiny boards with C/C++ are great.

Oh I love AI, from the first days of university if found this interesting field and now days I'm AI student in Kharazmi University for master. Evolutionary algorithms and Markov chain thinks is sweetest part.

After all those logics and engineering things this is my poetry! I started painting with Mr. Mahmood samandarinan famous Iranian water color painter. These days i'm curios about different subjects.

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